Small Ideas Can Make Huge Changes

As much as I love my entire home, I think that out of all of the rooms in my house, the kitchen is my favorite hands down. One of the reasons I love the kitchen so much is because as a stay at home mom who loves to cook, my family and I spend the majority of our time in this space. Not only do I get to prepare food for my family in the kitchen, but I also get to enjoy most meals with them. If a house was a person, I would have to say that the kitchen would be the soul. So many bonding moments, deep discussions, laughs and pleasure all take place in this room. Memorable moments like when my daughter helps me bake cookies are all made in this space which is why the kitchen is so dear to my heart.

With so much love that takes place inside of the kitchen, it is only natural that a lot of love going into the kitchen. For me, I like my kitchen to embody the love and vibe that my family and I share with each other which is why I couldn’t wait to have the cabinets redone. Don’t get me wrong, the original cabinetry was okay but since we purchased our home as-is, there were many elements of the home that did not match with our personalities or aesthetic. Simply adding new cabinets is a great way to totally transform the look and feel of a kitchen without having to do an entire remodel or spend a huge amount of money. One can search for any custom cabinetry austin tx in their area

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After going over what seemed like hundreds of cabinetry ideas, I was still unsure and procrastinating. While there were a few cabinet designs that I loved, there was always some element about them that I didn’t like. And so, my designer suggested we take elements from the ones I like and combine them in order to achieve a look that I not only loved but was unique to me and my style. I jumped at the idea and we began brainstorming patterns, hardware, and colors right away.

Throughout this project, I learned that the best interior design ideas actually happen from situations such as this. By taking the best of what you love and combining these ideas, you come up with the most unique and interesting designs that you couldn’t possibly find pre-made. My cabinets went from a bland white to beautiful mahogany with frosted peek-a-boo glass with brass pulls. Just the change of color helped my kitchen go from looking like a country-style space to something that was featured in a home decor magazine. The cabinets were actually a great focal point and because of the frosted glass front, they were now a display piece as well. It is amazing what a little can do to change a whole lot.