Lull Makes Falling Asleep and Staying That Way Easy for Many Mattress Owners

There are few things more annoying or frustrating than not being able to get a good night’s sleep. While stress and other factors can contribute to sleeplessness, the role a mattress plays should never be overlooked.

Fortunately, replacing an aging, uncomfortable mattress with a new, better one has never been easier or more affordable. In fact, most people can simply select one of the highest rated models that aims to suit the average person’s tastes and needs well. As those who find out details about the Lull mattress will see, that product often fits the bill nicely.

Many Features Combine to Encourage Deep, Restful Sleep

Mattresses that have seen better days can make sleep difficult in any of quite a few different ways. A mattress that no longer provides enough support can make it impossible to attain a comfortable position in bed. Some older mattresses based around coil springs also become squeaky and uneven feeling, with noises and strange protrusions making deep sleep impossible to come by.

As a product made largely from memory foam, the Lull mattress has some solid fundamentals in place. It goes beyond the basic comfort and appeal of that material by adding sleep-supporting extras like:

  • Gel infusion. Memory foam in its basic state can be overly warm for comfort, and this is a potential problem that most manufacturers today try to address. Lull does so partly by incorporating a cooling gel directly into the memory foam layer, making it much more difficult for excessive heat to accumulate. That welcome measure is one which will be noticed most on the warmest evenings but can actually make a difference throughout the year.
  • Air channels. When a mattress restricts the flow of air too much, it will almost always feel stifling and uncomfortable. Lull’s designers acknowledged and addressed this fact by adding in channels that encourage air to move freely. Once again, this measure is one that will probably stand out most on hot nights but which will always be welcome, overall.
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Saying Goodnight to Sleep Problems for Good

Upgrading an older mattress to a new one can be a great way to start sleeping soundly once again. For many buyers, the Lull mattress will end up being one of the best possible ways to put such a plan into action.