How to Sell a Barn 


Selling a barn is quite different from selling other properties like houses. Unlike in houses where you can target any market, selling a barn will require focusing on buyers of old barns and barn wood. It is much safer and easier to sell a barn to a person in the barn buying business and knows what needs to be done to safely remove the barn.

There are a few facts that you ought to have to know before proceeding to sell your old barn. There are probably upwards of a thousand old barns on sale at any time in the internet. To have an edge on other sellers, you will need to list your barn well and with detail. So, what do barn buyers look for in “barns for sale”? Here are some important tips.

The Estimated Age of the Barn

It is sometimes very difficult to establish the age of old barns. Your local historic society might be able to help locate old title deeds to the property and probably help determine the approximate age of the barn. Due to the quality of old growth timbers that were used to construct the original barn beams, older barns that are in a somewhat good condition, often fetch better prices in the market than newer barns.

The Type of Construction Material

Barns are almost made of wood. Barns are also made from a wide range of woods such as pine, red and white oak, chestnut, hemlock and poplar. All of these and other woods fetch different values in today’s wood market. While there are no nationally set standards of pricing for vintage wood, there are some barn wood types that are worth much more than others.
The buyers will need to know the type of wood that was used to construct your barn. They might also require knowing if the beams were sawn beams or hand-hewn beams. The latter behold a more rustic feel and look and come from the older barns.

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The Current Condition of the Barn

Before even inquiring for the price, most experienced barn buyers will want to know the current condition of the barn. The buyer that specializes in relocating and restoring old vintage barns usually wants standing barns and they must be in good condition to minimize repair costs. They later convert the old barns into barn home conservation or a new living space. The barn buyers that buy falling barns or those already on the ground usually buy them at a much cheaper price. They use the old beams and boards primarily for reclaimed wood flooring.

The Price of the Barn

It is easy to just come up with a valuation of an old barn. Most people will end up valuing their barns for too low or too high in which they either miss out on an opportunity to sell the barn at its true value or have it stay on the market too long without getting a buyer. Looking online for other barn sellers with barns with similar quality of barn wood, condition and size might give you a rough idea of what is the approximate value of your barn.