How to Properly Vet and Use Skip Bin Services

Hiring a skip bin service is a great way to manage waste removal. You do not have worry about disposal, because the company providing the bin will do that for you. You also do not have to put up with an unsightly dumpster located 100 miles away. As skip bins are provided by an independent company there is the risk of dissatisfaction. Last thing you need is to hire a less than stellar service that provides poor quality bins, and also takes forever to collect and dispose of the waste. Here are some steps to take when using a skip bin service.

Get Reviews

The first place to start is friends and family. If any of them have used a skip bin service in the past their recommendation could save a lot of time. If they had no problems with their service, you should not have a problem with yours. Online searches are another way to find reliable companies. An online search will provide the closest skip bin services to your location, it will also provide lots of reviews of the company. Good service is met by good feedback, bad service is met with complaints. If your search brings back nothing but complaints than the service you are looking at is not a good choice. First, you should find what is available in your area. So get online and look for a skip bin hire perth.


Just like industrial dumpsters skip bins come in various sizes. You need to take into account the volume of waste you will be creating. If you are using a skip service for everyday household waste, or a renovation project you will create a certain volume. You do not want to pay more for space you will not use, but you do not want to get a smaller bin and have to rent another one. Most of the time this task must be eyed and simply guesstimated, but there are ways to make an educated guess. If the rubbish in question is already gathered you can estimate the volume by placing it in a cone. Apply some mathematical equation of volume times radius and you can have a general idea. Or you can skip the math and just gauge the output of whatever project you are instigating.

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Compact Waste

Compacting the waste as you allocate it towards the skip bin is a necessary part of the process. Skip bin companies provide the bin and truck off the waste, but you will do the actual pitching into the bin. Compaction gets rid of any puffiness that takes up needed space. It is also a good idea to put smaller items in before bigger ones. This is because the weight will push down the smaller items. Conserving space is a must in waste management. You do not want to acquire another bin, so you have to make use of the space you have. Often times the way rubbish is thrown takes up space without really using it.