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Can Various Types of Web Hosting May Impact the SEO

Google is certainly the king of search as what you know. If you are a webmaster, you may think that you know the different things that may make them frown on the website. There is certainly such important thing which you don’t have that can devalue the site in Google’s eyes and the other search engines too. That is actually the web host. You probably won’t think of hosting except to guarantee that you select the cheapest choice.

You have to know that web host can impact such bottomline. It is actually estimated that such second day of delay in loading of the website may cause a seven percent reduction in the conversion rates. If you haven’t thought much about the web hosting, then it is certainly time to begin. These are the things in which such web hosting may affect the search engine optimization.

You must know that speed is surely everything. If you think that you can optimize the site speed, then you have to know that this won’t be quite easy. You may also remove the bulky plugins, remove 301 redirects and optimize the images if there are any but a lot of times, this won’t certainly make a difference.

This is due to the reason that speed is very much related to the web servers’ efficiency used by the web host and there is just a bit that you can do on this. You have to know that when the site loads faster, then you should know that there is a much higher chance you would get a high rank on Google. When you don’t have a good site speed from the web host, then it is certainly time for you to leave now because when you stay loyal, this may cost you.

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The downtime is also not good for your business as well. The downtime is really not good to your SEO just like a really slow website speed. You have to know that there is surely no web host which can guarantee such uptime of 100 percent but there must be five 9s when it comes to uptime. You must ensure that the uptime should be 99.999 percent.

If the uptime is high, then such means that the site would be available for the Google’s spiders to crawl. Moreover, such may help to reduce the bounce rate on the website which may affect the ability to rank in such search engines.

Also, it could be that you are not so sure of the uptime because you are now aware of how you should check it. But, you must know that there are more programs which you can use that will send you those notifications when the website is down.

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