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Added on 10/01/2011 
I have been a satisfied member for a couple of years now. During this time Mike has helped me out so many times I lose count. I joined as a complete no idea 'newbie' and needed his support on numerous projects. He has always given 1st rate support and advice. I would and do recommend this site as the only 'real' membeship site to be a part of. Cheers Mike

Terence Bryan

Added on 26/12/2010 
I'm really so glad to be a member of this site. It is excellent and I'm always finding items of great value and use to me. I find the notifications of new products added to be a big help. Thanks Mike.

Evangeline Auld

Its taken a few months for me to put up this testimonial because I wanted to see Mike make his promise for this
membership. Yes! this membership really benefits me and the people who love to learn everything about
internet marketing,webmaster, videos, niche products. All products are very high quality, you can
start from scratch tutorial videos or ebooks. For instance, people can start learn step by step from video how to start
building website -create domain, hosting, cpanel, template etc. Newbie must have the right step
to building future income. The quality products you can sell and make a good income.This is the
membership you will never regret joining. Everything you think about business internet is here.
This is the best place to start for beginner or expert. I'm very much appreciative to Mike and hope you wil havel
much success. Thanks Mike for giving me as a VIP member. With all the benefits you give its like being a JV partner.

Azmi Talib

Added on 11/07/2009 
Your searching is over! I've joined and dropped more PLR memberships than I can count. The only one I look to now is Resell It For Profit!

You don't find the tired junk you see all over the net here. RIFP is consistently stocked with fresh, top-quality product

Save yourself some time and sign up. you won't be disappointed.

Carl D

Carl D

Added on 01/07/2009 
Hi Mike,

My apologies for being so late in letting you know how much I value my membership in Resell It For Profit!

I'm beginning to believe that you are a mind reader as when I think that I have come across a unique and valuable product addition to the site and send you the request, invariably I find that you have already made the purchase for me and added it to the site! Who could ask for anything more?

Even though I had other membership sites available to me, Resell It For Profit has always proven to be the "Hands Down" number 1 membership site for me! And with the value of the products that are available to me it has allowed me to continually add subscribers to my list.

Keep up the great work Mike.

Gary Graham (VIP Member) aka The Nutty Markerter

Gary Graham

Added on 11/06/2009 
I have been a member for some time thanks to mike, he has helped me in more ways than one. Even when he was laid up in the hospital I could still access the products and get what I needed, which meant a lot to me. They are all willing to work with you to help you get what you need and they go out of their way to help find what you need. This is the only place I go for what I need, because I know if they don't have it they will help you find it. Thanks for everything.

Ronald Lanoue

Added on 06/06/2009 
Resell It For Profit has everything I need in a Resell Membership Site. I joined hoping that it would have even half of what it promised. Well to my surprise (and delight), Resell It For Profit completely over-delivered! New products are added more often than any other membership site I know of. Resell It For Profit is everything it says and so much more. My only regret is that I don't think I will ever have time to download everything offered!

James Youngblood (VIP Member)

Added on 06/06/2009 
Your site continues to surprise me every month with the high quality products you provide, that I find it very difficult to get any where else.


Darren 0 Connell

Added on 05/06/2009 

I apologize for taking so long to tell you how wonderful my Resell It For Profit membership has been. It's a tremendous resource and tremendous value.

I have to remind myself to wait a few days when I find something I want to buy; chances are very good that it shows up on your site within a few days.

I have had other resell rights memberships, but I don't need them anymore.

Thank you for a job well done.



Judi Mehrens

Added on 04/05/2009 

This has got to be the best Membership site I've seen to date.

Through your site, I've been able to generate more subscribers due to the content that I've added to my sites, thanks to you.

I love getting the updates on new products and actually have one of my own creations here, which I find flattering.

Keep up the good work ;-)

Vince Cannon

Vince Cannon

Added on 15/04/2009 
The most Valuable membership site I ever joined.
I have a lot of other memberships, but this site has all that I need to make my own website more interactive and beautifu.l

Thanks to Resell for Profit.

hafis zaini

Added on 23/11/2008 
***Warning Warning Warning...You Will Lose Weeks By Joining ResellItForProfit***

There is that much great content contained within the membership area you will find yourself that immersed with new ideas and opportunities you'll only be able to drag yourself away from the PC to EAT & SLEEP. (Yes...don't forget to eat & sleep)

Before you purchase anything else online I highly recommend you join RessellItForProfit. What you need is already there so save your pennies for something that matters.

Gary Tolhopf

Added on 17/05/2008 
Hi Mike
Good Software and the pricing set to once a year
is a good idea. I recommend this site to all my
downlines. Keep up the good work and keep it
going for years to come.

Best Regards
Robert Trueman

Robert Trueman

Added on 06/01/2008 
Hi Mike,

We find your site fantastic. We use the products for our Newbies Member's Club. (Putting ad in JV area)

We find all the products top notch and have never had any problems downloading. Some sites have flawed downloads. Also by being a member, you also can JV with others. We think that is very important.

We like dealing with such a sincere person and would urge anyone who has not joined to do so ASAP

Vic & Rose Rushton

Added on 05/01/2008 
Hi Mike,

Just wanted to send you a quick note and compliment you on this awesome site. You have a lot of great products here, that can get just about anybody started in there own business reselling or using the products for their own personal needs, and that is what makes this site really unique. I use the products for my own personal needs which gives me the opportunity to test and become familiar with the product, which gives me the assurance to recommend it to my list.

Thank again Mike and keep up the great work.

Anthony Elias

Added on 06/01/2008 
I just wanted to say that I love this site. There is a huge selection of products to choose from...some that aren't even available anywhere else, and the support is top notch. You can get all the products you need right here.

Terry Gillis

Added on 21/08/2007 
Hello Mike,
Fantastic Membership Site. I love this site. All of the products are top-notch and the support is outstanding.
I have never met a more helpful person online. Every question I have had, you have answered quickly, politely, and with awesome professionalism. Not only do you answer but your answers are always right-on. You have answered and helped me with things that noone else has been able to help with.
I love the site and love your support. i plan on being a member for life. I have added links and banners to my site telling of Resell It For Profit and will tell everyone I know of this incredible resource.
Thanks again Mike and may you continue to be blessed in all you do .

Nathan Hull

Added on 09/08/2007 
Just thought I'd say many congrats on the new site and that is looks brill!
I took you up on your Lifetime VIP Subscription and have cancelled my other monthly membership site subscriptions as a result. There's not much point in having them any more is there?
Resell It for Profit has to be one of the luckiest breaks I've had!
Many, Many Thanks for putting the fabulous resource together!

To our continued success,

Al McGourlay

Added on 24/07/2007 
Great membership site. The upgrade is going slow, but from what I see, this site is gonna blow all the other membership sites away... except for maybe mine! HeeHee!

I'm currently working on my own membership site, it's taking forever, wish I bought that new cmsi software, I just don't have the cash for them big ticket items. Everyone that purchased cmsi is sure gonna make a killin'! If I ever get the money, I'll get it for sure, even though the price went way up. It's worth the price if you can afford it.

Keep up the Great work Mike,

Lou Conklin

Lou Conklin

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